Ins Te - Vıbrating Screens

Every crushing-screening facility needs at least one vibrating screen. Therefore, İNS MAKİNA is among the pioneering companies of Turkey in vibrating screen production like in other crushing-screening facility units. İNS MAKİNA produces a great majority of vibrating screen types produced in the world.Conventional type screens, grid-type screens, horizontal screens, top driven and gradually vibrating screens, controlled vibration screens.Conventional Vibrating screens are designed in order to sort the product into categories of various sizes. They are produced with 1, 2, 3, and 4 layers.They have eccentric shafts embedded in the screen body with special ball bearings with individual engine, post or belt and pulley system and they are driven by eccentric weights found at each end of the shaft. They make circular vibration. Vibration body is fitted on the main chassis via adequate numbers of heavy service type spiral springs.

Technical Specifications

 TipiMotor Gücü  (kw/rpm)   
TE-10255 /1500
TE-10307.5 /1500
TE-12307.5 /1500
TE-12357.5 /1500
TE-124010 /1500
TE-154015 /1500
TE-165018 /1500
TE-205022 /1500
TE-206025 /1500
TE-246030 /1500
TE-247040 /1500