Ins Mbs-160 Bs2 - 160 M3 H Capacity Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

INS MBS 160 BS-2 Double chassis Mobile Concrete batching plant produced with 6000/4000 liters twin shaft mixer. It is first made product in the World with T band and double weighing in-line agregrate bunker. Have a capacity to produce 160 m³/h vibrated Concrete. It is the most featured double-chassis mobile concrete plant in the sector with its add-ons and differences.

Technical Specifications

Mobile Aggregate BunkerTanks: 4x40 m3 Total Volume : 160 m3
Cement SiloCapacity:100 tons –2 unit (can optionally be bolted)   
Cement Spiral Conveyor2 Unit, Size : Ø 323 mm x 10000 mm    WAM
Silo top filter (2 units)Jet – pulse -  WAM (ITALY) / OZB
Mixer Loading BandSize :1200x17500 mm
Cement Silo EquipmentsUpper and Lower Level Meters    WAM/ OZB (ITALY)
Aggregate Weighing Machine2X5 m3 Load cell : 8 x 5000 kg,    ZMC(HOLLAND)
Cement Weighing TankWeighing Capacity:2500 kg,Load Cell:2000 kgX3 ZMC(HOLLAND)
Water Weighing TankWeighing Capacity:2000 kg,Load Cell:3x1000 kg ZMC(HOLLAND)
Additive TankWeighing Capacity:2X50 kg, Load Cell :2X100 kg , ZMC(HOLLAND)
Concrete Plant AutomationSIEMENS (GERMANY)
Command Cabin1 Unit, 3x4x2.5 m
Agitator4,5 m3  Capacity  6750/4500 LT
Agitator OptionsTwin shaft type